Sunday, March 14, 2010


View from the UCSF library.

Orange-ya glad...

Of all the times to restart a blog, finals week amidst studying for National Boards Exam is probably the worst. Then gain, stress tends to boost my creativity. For those select few reading this, you will notice that the layout is a bit of an orange disaster. I owe this in part to my good friends at Cheth Studios. If any of you are on the lookout for something outrageous,these guys are it! To relieve you, I will say that I am still modifying things to make it less carroty. Is that a word? According to Microsoft, it is...
Well, might as well mention finals week as a D2. In comparison with the D1 year, this is, as they say, chill. Perhaps the school realizes that people have more important things to do than memorize 30 lectures on Evidence-based Dentistry, courtesy of certain DentSci instructors, or re-learn dental ergonomics (only to fail them during the remediation for crown-and-bridge test case). Then there are courses which are mathematically impossible to fail: cough-BMS-cough.

- Because I can.