Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello kids! In my deepest doubts of anyone still reading this, I extend an offer of simply answering questions regarding dental school life and admissions!

let the fun begin...


  1. Hi,
    I'm in my AS year studying biology, chemistry, psychology, English literature and citizenship A levels and REALLY WANT TO BE A DENTIST !!!
    I was wondering whether you could advise me of how to put my self at an advantage when it comes to applying to universities for this course.
    I don't have any work experience as of yet but i am getting it soon ... my GCSE's are not brilliant but they are good (3A*,4A, 5B) but i am so determined! How can i stand out from those with strings of A*'s ???
    Please please please can you help in anyway possible! Much appreciated.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and read every entry! Don't stop writing! In fact, if you have time, I think you should write more. :) Ever since I found out that there was a program for dental research, that has been my goal to get to. Seeing from someone that this is actually possible gives me hope! I go to a school across the bay from UCSF and I am studying bio, taking my prereq classes, but what I enjoy most of all is working in a lab at the med school. I know you are very busy, but if you ever get the chance to comment back to this or to write more entries, I would love to hear any advice you have to give.

  3. so what is the most common major for a dental student? biology with what emphasis?

    Also, I need an opinion. I'm torn between majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology or microbiology. I like them both for different reasons. Is microbiology too common a major for a dental student and will they think I'm dumb for picking ecology and evolutionary biology? thanks for your answer

  4. When you applied to UCSF's competitive DDS+PhD program knowing that if they reject you for the dual degre program, they would also reject you for the DDS program, wouldn't it have been more "safer" to apply only to the DDS program, do all the research you want in dental school, and possibly attend a postgraduate PhD program afterwards? When I say "safer" I mean more likely to gain interview and admission?

  5. I read your entries and I am so inspired. If you apply for the DDS-PHD program , is the tuition funded for ?

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