Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's begin by answering some questions (yeah, a year ago...chill)

Francis said... Hi, I'm in my AS year studying biology, chemistry, psychology, English literature and citizenship A levels and REALLY WANT TO BE A DENTIST !!! I was wondering whether you could advise me of how to put my self at an advantage when it comes to applying to universities for this course. I don't have any work experience as of yet but i am getting it soon ... my GCSE's are not brilliant but they are good (3A*,4A, 5B) but i am so determined! How can i stand out from those with strings of A*'s ??? Please please please can you help in anyway possible! Much appreciated.

@Francis - those grades are pretty decent. You want to shoot for a 3.5+ GPA when applying to dental school. In addition, you'll need a solid DAT score (20+ was good some 8+years ago when I took it...). As for getting the "edge", if my memory serves me correctly, I have written a whole series on this in the previous posts :) Good luck!

 March 6, 2012 at 4:38 PM moosefish16 said... so what is the most common major for a dental student? biology with what emphasis? Also, I need an opinion. I'm torn between majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology or microbiology. I like them both for different reasons. Is microbiology too common a major for a dental student and will they think I'm dumb for picking ecology and evolutionary biology? thanks for your answer

@moosefish16 - in my class, the most common major were Bio and Chem. That said, we also had a Spanish Lit major and a few other odd ones. My PhD work is in Evo, so I'm gonna say do that one :) 

March 14, 2012 at 10:57 PM sam said... When you applied to UCSF's competitive DDS+PhD program knowing that if they reject you for the dual degre program, they would also reject you for the DDS program, wouldn't it have been more "safer" to apply only to the DDS program, do all the research you want in dental school, and possibly attend a postgraduate PhD program afterwards? When I say "safer" I mean more likely to gain interview and admission?

@sam - actually, you have to get in to DDS first, before being considered for the PhD. As to doing "all research you want in dental school"...good luck with that one - you'll have 30 hours of lecture a week and will live in preclinic lab the rest of the time in your first two years...You absolutelly can, however, get a PhD after you finish dental school. My program has 1-2 such students every year.

  August 23, 2012 at 11:31 PM Grace M. said... I read your entries and I am so inspired. If you apply for the DDS-PHD program , is the tuition funded for ? November 29, 2012 at 8:36 AM

@Grace  - if the school has a training program, like an NIH T32, then yes, most of the school will be funded. This should NOT, however, be a reason for starting the program. In a later post, I'll discuss why it is not economical to do so. Also, you can apply for an individual training grant, such as a F30 through the NIH.

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