Thursday, January 7, 2010

End-o-the day

Arguably the best day of the week.
Reason 1: Oral pathology, albeit carrying the infamous brand of the BMS clan, is a surprisingly cool and, gasp, applicable, course! It could be the charm of Canadian and British accents, with which the material is transcribed into my memory, but even the diabolically annoying stream of interrupting questions from the IDP peanut gallery doesn't seem to spoil it. I do, however, have a slight fascination with the fact that we are REQUIRED to purchase the book for the class, which so happens to be the best resource for the subject and coincidentally written by the instructor.
The afternoon of endodontic adventures, was, well, stupefyingly boring. Sure, the right-after-lunch lecture wasn't that bad. In fact, most of that stuff was actually the future...Finally, nothing stimulated me more than yet another inventory check progressing at a glacial pace. Apparently, after 6 years of higher education, graduating Summa Cum Laude and being admitted to the Advancing Health Worldwide place, I still need to be walked through plugging in an electrical appliance step by step...tricky...
Anyway, now I'm on to packing for the Psi O Tahoe trip. Going to learn how to snowboard. And not die. Yep, good plan.

-Because I can.

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  1. Not dying is a great idea. It just so happens I need a dentist. Now and in the future. Take my advice if your headed for trees and you can't stop crash on purpose. Snow hurts less than a tree. - David Ramsey