Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ready, Steady, Go

After a month long vacation, I am back in the usual grind. Ever more confusing, the schedule of UCSF Dental School presented itself with a maze of PCC rotations. Tuesdays will probably be the most difficult of days.
Take this one, for example: a total of 7 hours of denture work. I might not mind the fact that we get 1.5 hours of lectures over something that we will never need to consider until we see a patient (which, by the way, may be a YEAR from now). I might not mind that we get the most confusing directions, which are augmented by conflicting statements in the syllabus. What I do mind, is being number 1254. That dreaded number means I am either first or last to be given the attention of my row instructor (let that mustached person be left nameless). If I go first, I have nothing to show for my work, because I haven't done anything yet; ergo, I can't discuss any problems with the given task. If I am last, like today, I am not going to have my turn due to time constraints. Lovely number - 1254.
This may be day two of the winter quarter, but I feel like I've been procrastinating for 2 weeks. Things to do by tomorrow: Register for AADR, pay for Frat trip to Tahoe, figure out my winter PhD journal club series schedule, organize a newsletter meeting, and move my stuff in my research lab.

-Because I can.

P.S. Appologies for no cartoon today, not in the mood for "artistic" creativity.


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  2. you forgot: sign up an take the NBDE part I